"ecash pospoint is an excellent alternative for an ATM in gaming venues.
It assists in the delivery of responsible gambling, and provides a secure point to hold and issue cash to patrons. The pospoint is easy to use for both staff and our customers. The transaction time is relatively the same time as an ATM withdrawal."

Stephen Tooth, Finance Manager
Victorian Racing Club Limited

"Our customers many of whom are older, found that the manned and secure location of ecash pospoint provided a level of comfort and security they were seeking"

Kon Monos, General Manager
Frontier Hospitality Co-operative Ltd.

"Like many venues in Victoria, we faced the new ATM bans in the middle of last year with concern about what they would mean to our business. On assessing all the Eftpos solutions and suppliers that were in the market, the Moe Racing Club came to the conclusion that the solution offered by ecash represented the best possible outcome for our venues."

David McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer

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