Premium CRT

The latest generation of ecash CRT maintains its stylish design and now incorporates an extra large touch screen that invites customers. The ecash CRT delivers easy to use payment options and the new large screen is perfect for communicating with your customers on the gaming floor. The new ecash CRT is payment agnostic and allows your customers to interact with the venue through tickets, cards, cash and loyalty effortlessly.

download brochure
download brochure
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Slimline designed with a Compact footprint
  • Extra large customer friendly colour touch screen
  • Digital time-lock delay controlled ¬†safe
  • Gaming ticket thermal printer
  • Separate securely locked compartment for rejected notes
  • Four-way large capacity barcode ticket and bill acceptor
  • Illuminated ticket reader entry
  • Four large, secure and lockable cash cassettes
  • Four large capacity coin hoppers
  • Fast, accurate and reliable cash dispensing mechanism
  • Convenient and easy service access
  • Integrated UPS for minimising downtime or short pays
  • Interfaces seamlessly with your gaming system
  • Card¬† issuing capability available
  • Jackpot Payment System (JPS) available

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia


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