The ecash Compact EzyChange is a smart and flexible change station designed to provide your venue with smarter, faster and more reliable cash handling.

The Compact EzyChange is an independent change station that offers your customers a simple and efficient solution to break large notes into smaller notes without the need to locate a cashier. It has been designed to fully automate and simplify the note breaking process for customers in any gaming venue, avoiding lengthy queues and frustrations.

The Compact EzyChange is stylishly designed with a large easy to navigate customer screen. Combined with its small footprint it can be placed discretely on your gaming floor as a perfect solution for your customers note breaking requirements.

  • Stylish modern design
  • Twin lockable cash cassettes with a 4000 note capacity
  • Full audit and reconciliation information available
  • Large colour LCD touch screen
  • Digital time-lock delay controlled safe
  • Separate locked compartment for rejected notes
  • Fast accurate and reliable cash dispenser
  • Designed for UL-291 security rating
  • Dimensions (mm) 1210 H x 450 W x 640 D

Proudly designed and built in Australia


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