PubPay Cash Dispensing

The ecash PubPay is an easy to use integrated cash dispensing payment solution ideal for all gaming venues

PubPay allows the venue operator to dispense cash on demand, perform maintenance, cash reconciliation and replenishment through a simple touch screen. PubPay is typically installed behind the 'cage' or within the secure cashier area of a venue.

PubPay is designed with a secure safe and a fast, highly reliable cash dispensing system. PubPay is intuitive and allows cashiers to perform a range of payment and auditing transactions for gaming machine payouts including ‘cash out’ for float top up whilst keeping your cash safe.

download brochure
download brochure
  • Secure dispensing of cash as required.
  • Fully integrated controller located securely inside the dispenser.
  • Full capability of cash reconciliation and replenishment.
  • Simple monitoring of available cash in dispenser.
  • Fully control panel to monitor the dispensers operational status.
  • Simple diagnostics to test and verify operation.
  • Easy configuration of passwords for multiple users and security levels.
  • Logs files, journals, and audit reports of dispenser operation and alarms.
  • Operator-assisted cash dispenser
  • Three layers of security on cash
  • Digital time-lock delay controlled safe
  • Separate, secure locked compartment for rejected notes
  • Fast accurate and highly reliable dispensing mechanism
  • Four secure and lockable cash cassettes
  • 2000 notes per cash cassette
  • Designed to satisfy UL-291 security
  • Dimensions (mm): 900 H x 440 W x 640 D

Proudly designed and built in Australia


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