ecash is proudly an Australian owned and operated company that designs and manufactures payment products and solutions in Australia. ecash is a payment solutions company that specializes in innovative cash handling technology and payment solutions for the gaming industry not only within Australia and New Zealand but proudly exports to many countries throughout the world.

ecash is based in Sydney Australia with a network of carefully chosen service and support partners in key locations throughout the world. Our global network has been chosen to ensure that the quality and consistency of ecash products are delivered in your location throughout the world. ecash understands that cash is still a prevalent payment mechanism used by many people in all sectors of life and industry. Once it enters your business the management and accounting of cash has wide implications for your company in terms of efficiency, profitability, security and the sheer time required in managing the process of cash flow.

ecash invests significantly in understanding customer’s cash flow processes and payment requirements within the gaming industry. Our customer’s requirements form the basis of our ongoing development that keeps our products current and relevant to your business with the objective of delivering quantifiable value and efficiency for your company. Our cash handling and payment process experience in the gaming industry ensures that our products constantly evolve in line with our customer's changing business requirements and growth. With significant experience in the payment sphere, ecash has a proud reputation for designing and delivering quality payment products to our customers wherever they choose to do business in the world. In fact there are a number of our customers that use ecash products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, USA, South America and South Africa.

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia


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